Aurelie R. – Submitted 03/25/20

Dr Martin Chee always did an amazing work on my teeth. I trusted and followed all of his advices. And he is super nice and funny! 🙂

Fawn B. – Submitted 11/22/19

I have been visiting Dr. Chee’s office since 1996. He is simply wonderful. He is thorough, gentle, and stays abreast of all the latest technology and procedures.

Mitchell J. – Submitted 10/17/19

Dr. Chee is very patient, detailed and descriptive of procedures. Work is very high quality, careful and precise. I highly recommend!

David P. – Submitted 10/17/19

Highly recommend. Dr. Chee always keeps a positive attitude and does a great job on my teeth. He’s very reasonable as well.

Gordon T. – Submitted 10/13/19

I have been to Dr Chee’s for 3 teeth cleanings now and he’s always attentive to my needs as a patient. For example, he could have strongly pushed me to get Invisalign for my crowded teeth, but instead asked me whether the way they look bothered me and provided clear instructions on how to clean and keep my teeth healthy.

Tianxin Z. – Submitted 03/05/19

Dr Chee and his assistant is thorough and professional.

Oleksandra K. – Submitted 07/23/18

Dr. Chee is always very thorough and attentive. I trust him and I’m very glad he’s my dentist.

Karin M. – Submitted 01/06/18

Give yourself the gift of seeing Dr. Chee for all your dental health needs. He is highly skilled, offers reasonable rates, his office is convenient and ultra clean, and his staff is gentle and caring. I’ve trusted him for over 20 years and even travel over 400 miles round-trip to see him.

James F. – Submitted 08/22/17

Prior to my recent visit to Dr. Chee I was a patient for about 20 years. Dr. Chee attended my dental needs and/or referred me to other high quality dental professionals.

Meijing P. – Submitted 12/23/16

Dr. Chee was very thorough in his work and taking time to make sure that I get a perfect bite after his filling work.

Jo-An A. – Submitted 05/07/16

Dr. Chee and his staff are awesome. So professional and knowledgeable, and a pleasure to see at every visit.